What We Offer at Phoenix Arts Belfast

Performing Arts Nursery Classes Belfast


2-4 years

Jump, laugh, sing and dance for 45 minutes with our energetic and creative staff working through theatre, poetry and children's books.

Maximum class size - 10 students. We are currently taking bookings for Friday. Each 40 minute class is delivered by a specialist teacher and a classroom assistant.

We like to foster a very relaxed and welcoming environment for this age group. Parents/guardians may wait in the family area as per the needs of the child.

Small class sizes. Now taking bookings for Friday at 3:30-4:10pm and 4:20-5:00pm.


4 - 7 years

Experience a taste of our stage school as our team take you through the main skills of performing arts. At this age we really start to focus on the technical foundation of performing arts. We encourage our students to explore their voices in ways other than speech, and to communicate with facial expressions.

Three basic singing techniques are reinforced; good breath control, clear diction, & healthy tone of voice. Children learn how to explore shapes through movement, correct posture & foundation techniques of ballet & contemporary dance. Fun is a big feature!

Maximum 15 students per class. Now taking bookings for Friday at 3:30-5:00pm.

Performing Arts Junior Classes Belfast


8 - 12 years

We firmly believe that the little ones should not be shoved to the back of the stage; this 90 minute class is ideal for featuring them at this wonderful fearless expressive age.

This class builds upon the the basic techniques of voice, movement and expression. We love original ideas and use a lot of devised theatre work to help encourage them to be bold and trust in their creative ideas.

Maximum 15 students per class. Now taking bookings for Friday at 5:00-6:30pm.


13 - 21 years

This school is the perfect place to develop the essential skills of performing arts. Split into age appropriate classes, the students will study acting, dance and singing (solo and choral) covering a wide range of topics.

Drama: choral speaking, developing creative ideas, team building, script analysis and character breakdown, improvisation.

Dance: physical and spatial awareness, expression through movement, wide range of dance genres and techniques.

Singing: Healthy sound production, wide range of music styles, good breath control, differences between choral blending and solo work.

Maximum 15 students per class. Now taking bookings for Friday at 5pm

Phoenix Arts Belfast Tap Classes


13yrs - adult

Study Tap dance. Classes for beginners.

4pm - 60 minute class.

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