Independent performing arts school in south Belfast.

More than a drama school

Welcome to Phoenix Arts Belfast

Equipping young people to develop confidence and self expression through performing arts.

Stage school, primary & secondary school workshops.
When you decide to work with Phoenix Arts Belfast, you gain so much more out of your learning experience.
We are more than a drama school, and our students are at the heart of our organisation.

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20th Anniversary Music Extravaganza



Our preschoolers have the chance to exercise their minds in ways they never have before.

We use the most advanced and innovative teaching methods to engage our students' imagination, and take them on an adventure of self expression.

Learn and have fun all at the same time at Phoenix Arts Belfast. 

We have classes for 2-4 year olds and 4-7 year olds



People from across Belfast and beyond turn to Phoenix Arts Belfast when they’re looking for the opportunity to learn, and succeed in something new and exciting.

In our Musical Theatre Classes, you will gain belief in your abilities and ideas, and have lots of fun doing so. Start today and let us guide you on a path of self discovery by using the most innovative and thoughtful methods in the world of teaching.

Classes available for 6-8 yrs, 8-12yrs, and 13-19 yrs.



We are big advocates of using performing arts to help protect youth mental health and wellbeing. We regularly host improvisation workshops to help our pupils deal with many issues.

Express yourself and help you to put difficult experiences behind you.

Explore difficult or painful things that have happened to you from a safe distance by using stories, imagery or symbols, without having to repeat the details of your own story.

Work through situations that put you under pressure such as intense school work, transition from primary to secondary school, moving from school to the workplace.

Explore and understand your relationships with other people, and help you to address many problems. For example, if you feel you're controlled by other people, you can practice being assertive.

Our improv leader is a qualified practitioner, with a background in youth mentoring and social work. She is very happy to speak to any of our pupils after a workshop if requested. 



Individual lessons and small groups help students improve their technique at a faster pace.

Singing/Dancing/Acting lessons provide students with tailor made tuition, so that they are better equipped to identify areas for improvement.

We want our students to progress and have fun throughout their experience at Phoenix Arts Belfast.

We are an educational facility, and rather than creating a series of productions, we provide the techniques, discipline and confidence our students need to be able to put into practice in youth societies, school productions and higher education/ performing arts college etc.

In addition to our stage skills school on a Friday, students can also book individual tuition in any of the three skills, and we provide opportunities for our students to take exams to mark their progress regardless of which classes they are involved in.



Welcome to Phoenix Arts Belfast

We are different from other performing arts organisations. We teach your children the techniques and skills to improve their confidence and abilities.

It is important to encourage our pupils to join other arts groups and put what they learn with us into practice.

We believe that abroad wealth of experience makes the best performers, and we actively encourage pupils to try everything.

We offer in-house performances of class work for family and friends, progress exams, and casting calls for theatre, TV, and film work.

Come and join our family of performers, you won't regret it.

Kate Pielou

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